Commercial Photo Shoot with Bella Tunno

There is another side to Becca Bond Photography besides the family/ baby/ maternity work that I do. There is also a commercial side to my photography business, and gives me a lot of joy in different ways. The family stuff is the heart and soul of BBP, but the commercial work gives me the chance to be creative in a way where I am collaborating with various businesses. It’s interesting because not many people know that I got my start as a commercial photographer. After college, I lived in NYC and worked with a photographer there that mainly shot child and baby commercial and editorial fashion. I still have some old magazines where my work was published (Earnshaws.. back when I had my maiden name of Price 😉 So… I picked up a lot of tricks from working with kids and babies on our shoots and also how to properly light products for photography.

One of the businesses that I have been working with for the past 3 years is Bella Tunno. We shoot their spring catalogue in the fall and fall catalogue in the spring each year. They are based out of Charlotte, Matthews actually, but their products go all over the country, and beyond. Their style is bright, colorful and clean and a little bit sassy. During our shoot weeks, we usually spend one or two days just shooting products, and then photographing models! It is SO much fun!! The women of Bella Tunno are creative, smart, and I feel like we make such a great team as we collaborate on shoots together. Sometimes photographing 15 or so babies in one day is exhausting, but the great thing is, if one of them is upset, we can replace that baby with a happy one until he or she calms down! I wish I could do that with my own kid sometimes!

Over the years, I’ve grown to really admire the company, and their mission. Not only are their products well made and high end and a joy to work with, but their mission is one that I am so proud to be a part of. For every item that they sell, they donate a meal to a child in need. They have generated over 880,000 meals. I have heard the owner’s story, and it is so inspiring and made me love them even more.

Anyway, here are some of the MANY great photos from our Fall 2017 shoot. How adorable are these babies?! We had a super easy shoot this time, all the babies that we worked with were so happy and easy to photograph. And ADORABLE!!!!!

Bella Tunno Boss Bag and braceletsTeething jewelryCute baby with wonder bibBaby with PaciProb-Llama teetherBaby with owl loveyTeething necklaceCute and sassy babyCharlotte commercial photographerBaby tickled on bedPretty mama with her sonAdorable baby girl with paciBoss bag as backpackCutie pattotie with teetherShy baby girl with toyBaby with rainbow leggingsHappy knees on crawling babyBaby looking at kneesBaby boy with teether toy ram