Single Box is $150 - or - 3 Boxes for $350
With each shoot you receive 15 images of your box and the contents in several
arrangements and in a combination of formats that can be used on social media,
website, and print. The box will be styled in 3 ways- as a flat lay, unboxing shot
(incorporating the box with contents), as well as lifestyle shots incorporating props.
Transparent PNG files (object cut against a transparent background, are an additional
$10 per image.
What is the cost? First you will schedule a virtual meeting where Becca learns about your brand, understands your
creative direction, and how your photos will be used.
Next, you send your box off to Subscription Box Photography Studio, and within two weeks,
you will receive a download link for your web-ready photos.
Be sure to have your system in place for an onslaught of new subscribers :)
(If you would like your items returned, just include a return shipping label.)
How Does it work? Image is everything when you have a web based business. Becca Bond Photography will
create high quality, professional photos of your sub box to attract lots of web-tacular attention
and get win over more subscribers.
READY to take your web presence to the next level?